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Song Lyrics & Liner Notes


"I'm pretty sure that writing a song is the closest that a human male can get to bearing a child.

 Once in a while the process can be as natural and easy as having a conversation with an old friend, but mostly it is quite long and agonizing, with lots of sweating, struggling and cursing...

But I love doing it anyway."

"Unfortunately for me, it's not something that I can do on purpose.  I've tried many times to get up in the morning and go into my studio to write.  Mostly, nothing good came out of that approach.  It's a good thing that I'm not trying to make a living at this."

"The need for writing a song is something that sneaks up on me when I least expect it.  I might spend weeks or months where no matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to come up with anything but frustration... spending whole days developing and recording what I think is a great idea and then, the next day discovering that I really hate it.  Or worse, that it sounds just like a song I wrote ten years ago."

"The music part comes easy.  The hard part of songwriting is discovering what I'm trying to say,

and then coming up with lyrics that can communicate that."  



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10  songs covering the  full spectrum of  Love's possibilities

Love starts out being the most amazing thing ever! 
You feel like you have the world in the palm of your hand and at long last, it will last forever...
Some people get lucky and it does. 

For others, when they're not looking,
 it turns on them
and becomes the most unrelentingly painful and devastating force in the universe.   

... but you already knew that.  That's what makes Songs about Love appealing. 


                "it's about time..."         

This 12 song album was released on my   DotBay   label in 2015.   Many of the songs had been written years earlier but were only rough demos and never recorded in a studio.  By the time I finished recording and mixing them, I was so eager to release them that I missed some of the good stuff ...   Subsequently, I rediscovered the instrumental and vocal takes that got overlooked the first time around.  
The whole album was remixed to include the best of these tracks, then re
mastered by  M.C.Entertainment.

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