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Lyrics & Liner Notes

ALBUM:  "it's about time..."

track 1:   Turn and Walk Away

I wrote this a long time ago.  The first time I recorded it was around 1990 using programmed keyboard and drum parts and a 4 track cassette deck. The song was very different sounding back then.  As time went by, I realized that the original 80’s style, Synth-Pop sound no longer held any appeal for me, so I never released it and the tape stayed on the shelf all these years.  


In 2015, I was looking for material for this album, and I decided that I still really liked the story line, so I totally re-wrote the music, modifying the lyrics and the song structure to fit the new style.





There comes a point where anyone must stop and make a stand

    when anger makes your reason     fade away.

Ya know I’ve heard my own voice saying things     I never would have said,

    but I knew that    it couldn’t wait         another day

If    I’m backed into a corner     no one is my friend

I might want to say    “I love you” ,    but I tell you “’s the end”.

and then I Turn and Walk Away        I turn and walk a - way…


CHORUS:   I turn and walk a - way…         Turn and walk a - way…

        Turn and walk a - way…         Turn and walk a - way…

        I turn and walk a - way…



I can feel our future beckoning        but my past is with me too … 

    and I’m scared     ‘cuz     I just don’t know   what to do

probably turn my back on any chance  of     spending time with you

    cuz what I need is time     to think things through.

I try to tell you what I’m feeling,     but my logic sounds insane

I see a tear  welling  in your eye       and I     know that I’m to blame.

    but yet   I     Turn and Walk Away



(Guitar Solo)



I never once     considered         the way that I would feel

    once     you agreed     with me that day…

When I told you that I needed to be     FREE to live my life

    I never thought     you’d think    it was     OK

But when I looked into your eyes,     I knew     what you would say

“The First Rule of Freedom     is that     everyone can play”.

    and then YOU      Turned and Walked Away

    you Turned and Walked Away    






track 2:  Half-Assed Love

In 1991, writing out the lyrics for what eventually became this song was my way of healing and putting the finishing touch on a failed relationship. The music in my head as I wrote the song evolved since then from a straight ahead Blues to what it is today ... something I like to call R&J ... Kind of a cross between R&B and Jazz.  


It talks about the feelings that I'm pretty sure most people over the age of 13 have had at one time or another.  Even though my life choices have been much better since then, I can still remember the anguished hopelessness of that breakup when I think back.






You know I wake up every morning     The very first thing that I do

Is push away my pillow       that my arms told me was you.

Everything around me 

    reminds me of the good times that we had

n' it always gets me thinking… “what was it made you treat me so bad?”.



Then I fire up the  coffee ...               for just one cup instead of two

then while I’m takin a  shower ... 

     (Damn…) I see that bottle of your favorite shampoo

As I look for a fresh T-shirt, I find those earrings that you'd been looking for      in my top drawer

and I think "Hey, I'll bring it over to you … " 

     but I ain’t knocking on your new man’s door



    Was it all my own fault?     Did I come on too strong?

    Is that why I'm     lonely            today.

    Did you mean one single     word that you said

    --- or did you always have ....     a half-assed love.




My friends are always try'n to tell me ... maybe our love just wasn't meant to be

if it turns out they're wrong, they all say ... 

     that someday you'll come back to me

but between now and then.. I’ll just have to wait 

     and find out whatever will be

That all real easy to them     but   it sure is hard for me



The hours turn to days, the days into weeks 

     while I try to find things I can do

to fill up my mind  and comfort my soul, 

     and keep me from thinking 'bout you.

Every now and then there's that one little thing   

    that someone around me will say.

And it sends me plunging   right back into 

    "How could you leave me this way?"




track 3:  On The Road

I've never been a long distance trucker, although when I was a kid I found the idea of adventure on the open road appealing.  I decided to tell this story from that guy’s perspective in order to make it a little bit less autobiographical.  


I've been a musician for a long time.  and that means that I know what being away from loved ones for way-too-many nights feels like and what it does ...   It can really take its toll on you, but even more so on the people who are waiting at home.  Trouble is… there aren't very many ways to avoid the problem short of changing who you are.  


So this song goes out to all the people who hold down the fort while we do our thing.  Thank you for stickin' with us.






Rollin’ on   down the road where I left you    standing at our front door

Spirit broken,      tryin’ like Hell to hang on          just a few miles more

Feelin’ like the air is so heavy    I can’t even take a breath

… and knowing,   it was my decision     to bring on this living death

    On the road.   All alone.          try-ing to forget what I can’t ignore

    On the Road   On my own        knowing I got actions to answer for

    On the road.     


It’s been 3 days now…    since you told me…    as I climbed in my Kenworth at dawn

You couldn’t take no more of being lonely…  so when I get home… you’ll be gone

My mind was reeling as you said those words… thinkin’ life is not a victimless crime

‘cuz there’s only one job-I know how to do        and it doesn’t offer part-time




Pushing hard…  Mile after mile…    Town after town…     All just a blur

Traffic heavy…     thru my tears…      hauling 40 foot logs of Douglas Fir 

Feelin-like-I-ought’to-just     shut my eyes    and let those giant trees end all my pain

The only thing to hold me back     is knowing I would never see you again.

    On the Road All alone…     Trying to forget     things I can’t ignore

     “    “    On my Own.         Knowing I got actions to answer for. . .

     “    “    All alone…     Spending every night behind a different door

    On the Road All alone.     I got to  hear your voice… just 1 time more


Rollin’ on   down the road where I left you    standing at our front door




track 4:  Shielding The Future

Sometimes people say they wish they could be young again.  Sometimes I say it too.  


But the fact is, that although growing old sucks, growing up was no picnic either ... and from where I’m sitting,  I think ibeing young is getting harder and harder all the time.


Special thanks to my old friend from high school, Steve Trickey, for the drawing of the armored knight.





When I was young, I tried to be    all things to everyone 

and looking in a mirror … always made me want to run 

But every year another fear was put to pasture 

Day by day, I became my Fathers son. 

I survived the slings and arrows of misfortune 

Learned to laugh away the pain and have some fun 

and in time, I came to like what I’d become 


I remember un-requited love for a girl who didn’t know my name 

Fear of her rejection    made me slink away ashamed. 

Watching from afar I used to wonder… 

how to fan her passion into flames 

then feeling like a fool while others woo’ed her 

I’d never even tried to stake a claim 

and I knew I only had myself to blame 



s the failures of our youth subside 

We use the answers they provide 

to build our armor strong enough to last 

… Shielding the Future from the past 


Children grow up slower now    than they ever did before 

They’ve all been so protected they can’t even find the door 

With an iPhone in their face they’ll never see it 

they all DEPEND ON Google TO BE smart 

Lose or win, they always got their trophy 

but it’s failure that has wisdom to impart 

so the real world is sure to break their heart 


At 60 years of age I see things clearer than before 

The blunders of my childhood    I no longer answer for.. 

Getting older has its drawbacks and its problems 

.. and dying’s terrifying    that’s for sure 

But when we know our armor is unbroken 

being younger loses most of its allure 

and trouble’s not so hard to endure 




track 5:  “it’s about time …”

I wrote this song to pay my last respects to an old boss of mine, Little Joe Cook.  Little Joe was a Philadelphia born R&B recording artist whose band I worked with for a time in the 1990’s.  Joe appeared with his group, The Thrillers, on Dick Clark’s “American Bandstand” in 1957 singing his biggest hit, “Peanuts”, which made it as far as #22 on the Pop Charts.  He was one of the first people I knew who actually made a living playing music, and over the years that I knew him, I learned a lot of things about the music business from him.   


The style of this song is definitely not R&B.  It’s more like a Country “Honky Tonk” song.  That’s because to me, that style is all about Meeting People, going Dancing and Having a Good time.  Little Joe was really, really good at getting people Dancing and Having a Good Time. 


I first met Little Joe Cook at his Sunday Jam Night at The Cantab Lounge in Central Square, Cambridge.  The Cantab was like a second home to me in my early days around Boston. It was the heyday of Stevie Ray Vaughn's popularity and so, like many up and coming guitarists, I was really into trying to polish the flashy, technical aspects of playing the guitar. 


The thing is, that until Little Joe pointed it out to me, I never noticed that most people really don't care if you play fast, cool licks. They just want you to play lots of fun songs so they can dance with each other and have a good time. 


The song will tell the rest of the story. I hope you like it.  And please ... look up Little Joe on YouTube. He was a hot shit! 


Some Other Things You Might Not Know about Little Joe:

  • - At different points in a song throughout the night, Joe would howl out crazy things at the audience. Here’s a sample:

    • ”Dance Your Pants Off, You Disco Freaks!"    (I borrowed that line for this song, but it's really belongs to him. Thanks Joe)

    • “Alright all you Hamburgers and Cheeseburgers",  referring to the Guys and Girls in the crowd.   Nobody but Joe knew which “sandwich” represented the guys and which the girls, and Joe took the secret with him … but I always thought that the guys must have been the "Cheese on Top” that those cute little “Hamburgers” were looking for.


  • - Joe gave a nickname to everybody who signed up to play at the jams. There was California Clay, West Coast Tommy, Head-Down Danny, Delaware Floyd, Chuck-a-Luck, Too-Tall Terry and many others.  He had one for me too … I was Ponytail-Bob because my hair long when I first met him and I wore it tied back most of the time.  

  • Little Joe Cook passed away on April 15, 2014 at the age of 91, but he was a great performer right to the end.  When I met him, he was well into his 70's. But even as an old man, he was still packing the house with college kids 5 nights a week.  






Way back when… I first came to town ..I Jammed at the Cantab Lounge. 

I met a lot of talented people there    and some of them were even renowned. 

One memorable cat named Little Joe Cook    taught me many important things. 

He called me Pony Tail Bob taught me how to play music that swings… 


Well Little Joe said "Hey, Pony-Tail You got to think of what the music will say?” 

Them hamburger’s are lookin for cheese on top, and they’re depending on the music you play. 

He said people got their own drama and they got their own romance too. 

So my pledge is to help that girl get up and dance with you 

So I think … 


It’s about time ..for you to dance your pants off you disco freaks 

It’s about time ..'cause this band is so tight that it squeaks 

It’s about time that girl found out, 

you’re the man she’s been dreaming about, 

and it’s about time you stop sittin' there like some old antiques 


(Guitar Solo … ) 


It’s about time ..that you sweat off some of that beer 

It’s about time for your shoes to beat the floor to tears 

It’s about time .she found out .. 

You’re the man she’s been dreaming about . 

And it’s about time that you stop wasting your best years 



Little Joe said “Slow dancing’s good. but it's hard to get the girls on the floor.” 

“and if you’re up there playing slow blues all night, 

the ladies, they’ll head right for the door”. 

To get you out of your seat 'n moving your feet, you need songs that Motivate 

Then the boys and girls can begin to negotiate. . . 


That's why I sat down and wrote this song about why you’re all here 

You wanna meet a new friend, see some old ones and drink some beer. 

But there’s another thing you gotta do that’ll help you get the other things too 

Ask that pretty girl right over there to dance with you. 


It’s about time forget about all your fears 

It’s about time -you-shift your Game into High Gear 

It’s about time that girl found out .. 

You’re the man she’s been dreaming about, 

and it’s about time you stop wasting your best years 


Hell Yeah .. 

It’s about time ..that you sweat off some of that beer 

It’s about time for your shoes to beat the floor to tears 

It’s about time .she found out .. 

You’re the man she’s been dreaming about . 

And it’s about time that you stop wasting your best years 


It’s about time fought back all your fears 

It’s about time -you-put this night in High Gear 

It’s about time she found out .. 

You’re the man she’s been dreaming about, 

and it’s about time you stop wasting your best years




track 6:  Break Time 

There's no long story behind this song. (although, there probably could be)  

But no … It's just a bluesy tune about a cheatin' woman and a guy who's tired of putting up with her …





Oh, I got the feeling things are different.  The way you talk to me has changed. 

I wanna do some rearranging.   I’m tired of your silly game. 

  I know what you been doin’  you been stepping out on me 

 but you like that I provide for you,   a life of luxury 

    I’m here to tell you   that it’s break time, girl … 

    it’s time to  make the break from me 



Well, I know that you been havin’  lots of fun behind my back 

..seems like you need variety   and I sure can’t  give you that 

 If you had any decency  you’d pack your stuff and leave 

 And let me get over you  and have some time to grieve 

    Well I’m telling you it’s break time, girl …

    Oh…you got to make the break from me 




  You can’t escape your Karma you gonna reap the things you sow 

n’the stuff you’re pulling baby    tells me    it’s your time to go 

 Maybe somewhere out there  there’s a man that wouldn’t care 

 but right now, I just want to get you     out of my hair 

    So wake up now,  it’s break time, girl …

    You got to make the break from me.  



Please help me find a good woman … each day I pray to the lord above 

Someone I can count on  to give me all her love 

 A woman who above all else will always be a friend 

 Someone who will have my back   until the very end 

    I know you can’t  be that girl 

    So, you gotta make the break from me 


    I don’t even want you to be that girl  

    It’s time to  make the break from me 

     ..head on out baby    pack up your things …   and hit the road


Oh, it’s break time, girl …  Yeah … it’s break time.




track 7:  The Last One to Know

I was married for almost 21 years to a lovely woman named Karen who died from breast cancer.  I wrote this song during the dark times just before she passed away.


The song could could be taken several different ways. I guess it depends on what has gone on in your life. Then again, it might not mean anything to anyone but me. 


I hope someone can get something from it, but the important thing to me was that writing and recording it,  helped both Karen and me a little bit.





As the days go passing by, you wonder how you keep on try’n

But you     do it anyway … though you don’t know how or  why.

It gets harder all the time            to find the reason or the rhyme

And no matter what you try to do … there’s never enough time



        But  don’t    give up on love

            …even though its got to end

        You know that nothing lasts forever

            .. but you still  have to pretend.

        When you let love take the wheel …

            .. you never know where it will go.

        But, when the time comes to suffer

            .. you’ll be the last one to know… the last one to know



After 20 years together       you still hope for  many more

but you can’t see what’s waiting     as you open the next door

When something happens to your world    

    that steals the wind from your sails

you might feel that you can’t handle  what the future entails


        But you can’t    give up on love

            …even if its got to end

        You know nothing lasts forever

            .. but you still have to pretend.

        When you let love take the wheel …

            .. you never know where it will go.

        But, when the time comes to suffer

            .. you’ll be the last one to know… the last one to know


It’s probably pointless to give advice    we have to learn things day by day

But maybe somewhere there is someone  that  I can help along the way

It always seems like we’re alone          But there’s a lot that we all share

Though our lives are all different    we’re in the same boat everywhere


        But you can’t  give up on love

            …even though its got to end

        You know that nothing lasts forever

            .. but you still have to pretend.

        When you let love take the wheel …

            .. you never know where it will go.

        But, when the time comes to suffer

            .. you’ll be the last one to know… the last one to know 





track 8  Blood From A Stone

Having your own website doesn’t usually change your life, in fact it usually doesn’t accomplish anything.  Sometimes though, a website can provide a benefit that you wouldn't expect.


When I first published in 2014, I was discovered by a long lost part of my father’s family.  Rick Pimentel, a 2nd cousin that I didn't know I had, found me while researching his family tree and contacted me.  He also put me in touch with his brother Christopher, who is a talented songwriter and bluegrass performer up in the “north country” as we Bostonians call New Hampshire.  I gave Chris a call one day and we talked about family stuff for a while and then moved on to music…


Chris told me about a new CD he was working on.  He sent me an MP3 copy of one or two of the songs that would be on it. One was an acoustic song about an old girlfriend who wouldn’t go away.  I really liked it, but the tone of the music didn’t seem as angry as his lyrics, which really spoke to me because being a push-over runs in the family.  I knew I wanted to do a cover version of it.  He was kind enough to give me his permission to give it a try ... so here is my way more rowdy version.  


Thanks Chris !! 






I don’t mind helping you         when you’re in trouble

  even though it’s a wastin' my time,   but  don’t get me wrong.

I gave you all I got to give .. but now you want double

So the money  I make next week .. it’s already gone



  I’m not asking you    to-pay-back-all-the      loans

     but the well     is all dried up   and I’m down to the bone

  so baby      how will you     get blood from a stone ...


On the day we met you told me     I had what you needed

All for you and none for me .. well that wasn't very fair

on the night you left you ripped me open …  and left my heart bleeding

But now that you’ve gone away … I really don’t  care



   Guitar Solo



Still.. I don’t mind helping you         ‘cause you’re in trouble

Yeah   I know...  I’m   wasting my time,      but  don’t get me wrong.

Ya know I gave you all I got to give .. but now you want double

Every Penny I Make             .. is already gone





track 9:  Money Lovin’ Woman (for B.B.)

Of all the blues musicians that I have enjoyed listening to in my life, B.B. King is one of my favorites.  Besides having a signature style of playing the guitar, he had such a huge, powerful voice that was able to bring so much emotion to any song that he sang.


So, when I found out that he was very ill, I wrote a song in the style of  “Why I Sing the Blues" one of his big hits.  It was meant to honor B.B.’s enormous contribution to American Music.   


It would have been awesome to have heard him sing it, but I’m afraid that we’re all stuck with my version.  Unfortunately for the everyone, he passed away in May 2015 just a short time after this song came out.  No wonder he never called me back ...






If a man don’t have a lot o’ money, 

    well he don’t mean nothing to you

If his wallet is a little too thin,  

    you don’t care what else he can do ..

As long as he will buy you everything 

    then nothing else  matters to you



It don’t matter …    if a man loves you

You don’t care …    if he’s always true

well the only things …that you care about     

   are the things he can get for you

    as long as he  buys you everything  

    well that’s all that matters to you      

        and I really don’t like it … 



You ought to think about why you act that way 

    cuz there’s more that a man can do for you

If he can’t afford to take you anywhere,  well…

  cuddlin’ on the couch is real nice too …

You know he wouldn’t have to buy you a million things

    if you just wanted him to be with you


But you need a man with lots o’ money, 

    or he won’t mean nothing to you

If that paycheck is on the skinny side,  

    you don’t care what else he can do ..

as long as he can buy you everything 

    well that’s all that seems to matter to you


Well baby You …  are             a Money Lovin’ Woman

Yeah baby You …  are             a Money Lovin’ Woman

         I said You …  are            a Money Lovin’ Woman

    Yeah…. you 




track 10:  Come on… Just Go !

When I was a kid, I wanted to learn how to play guitar because I loved rock music. Everyone calls it Classic Rock now, but it was still new when I learned it.


Over the years, I came to realize that rock was actually a (somewhat) natural extension of the Blues and like classic Rock, a lot of Blues features guitar solos.  Therefore I came to love the Blues.  As a professional guitar sideman, I got to play with a variety of singers.  They taught me (sometimes in no uncertain terms) that it is NOT all about the Guitar Solo…  It is about the Singer and what is being sung.  So in order to keep working, I had to learn how to get my kicks without stepping on the vocalist by enhancing the story by filling in the gaps in the vocalist's phrasing 


This song shows what I mean by that. It’s my version of a blues shuffle.  






You came home late     again last night

Out partying with your friend … talking with Marilu about what I can’t do

       and all the changes she recommends

Well, I don’t care what that girl thinks     ‘cuz she don’t have a clue      

We both know she’s empty headed     And she’s teachin’ it all to you


    So stop right now, your point’s been made    

    There’s been enough said, so… Come on, Just Go        

        Yeah, Come on, Just Go.



So, please girl, keep your story    'cuz I don't want to know    

I’ve had it with your complaining    Just pack your things and go.    

I don't want to hear about where you been     and why I need to change

I just want space between me and you  I need you outta my hearing range.            

    So please don't waste any more of your breath        

        ... burnin' my ear off,   so…     Come on, Just Go

        Yeah, Come on, Just Go.



All this yelling ain’t n ever gonna change a thing

Except make my headache worse, and my ears ring

If you’re unhappy here        Why don’t you disappear

Just imagine how contented you would be


Ya know I really wanna make you happy.   Sounds crazy but it’s true

   cuz the way I’ll do it is simple  

   I’ll walk right out on you.



The life we’ve had’s been so filled up…with arguments and noise      

I think the time has finally come    for you to see  some other boys

You must be tired of finding fault with me… with never the slightest gain

You’d better move before it’s too late    and we both go down the drain


        Well you take your stuff,  and I’ll take mine

            it’s time for leaving  so…     Come on, Just Go

        Yeah, Come on, Just Go 



track 11:  Look Around

This song was inspired by a relationship I was in many years ago, with a woman who, despite nearly driving me to the brink of emotional breakdown, she also accidentally changed my life for the better.  


When I wrote it, I was still pretty hurt, but I have long since forgiven her.  In retrospect, over the ensuing years I have actually come to appreciate the experience and how much it taught me about making better choices in life.




Every time you turn around, your whole world’s      turnin’ up side down

    but in your mind it’s nothing that you did.

Nothin’ seems to go your way. You spend all your time thinkin’ what to say

    to make sure that  what you’re hiding     all stays hid.


    Everywhere you go you find      a guy who never      seems to mind

        doing all the things     too hard for you

    But your plan just ain’t no good at all    you set yourself up for a fall

        gettin’ paid      for work     that others  do for you …


    Look Around    Oh, look  around.

    No one else here       is  having such a hard time.

    Aw, Look Around.    Oh, look around.

    When are you      gonna see     the problem   is    inside of  you?



You try so hard to make it appear    that you’re like all the other people here.

    Inside, you hope your bad luck won’t return.

It’s Karma girl not luck at all    the one you’ve built is just like a ball

    that’s rolling fast downhill     and it won’t return


    When you use up all the people here you’re next step is to disappear

        and start the process over    somewhere new

    With all the players just the same    the only difference is their name

        You feel like you pulled off   such a coup...


    Oh, Look Around    Oh, look  around.

    There ain’t no one else but you... thats  having such a hard time.

    Look Around.    Oh, look around.

    When are you      gonna see     that the problem   is    inside of  you?


You try to show how hard  you try,  but  you will never justify

    the way you’ve treated people that call you Friend.

No matter what you say or do,    There’s no one more at fault than you

    You gotta  always pay the piper  in the end.


    Someday soon you’re gonna find  you have to learn to use your mind

        when your body no longer buys you anything

    I hope you find out what to do when time catches up to you

        but I think your answer will be    some fool’s wedding ring.


    Look Around    Oh, look  around.

    Oh , there ain’t no one else but you... thats  having such a hard time.

    I said look Around.    Oh, look around.

    When are you gonna see   that the problem   is    inside of  you?

      When are you  gonna see     that the problem’s    inside of  you?

        Oh, when are you  gonna see    the problems inside of 



track 12:  Feelin’ Alright (…for Jimmy Boy)


I have added this song as a Bonus Track to dedicate it to my old and dear friend... James Conant.   I always called him "Jimmy Boy”.  I met him at one of Little Joe Cook’s jams at The Cantab Lounge.  Jimmy was a singer and harmonica player who was from somewhere else, but was a long time resident of Cambridge, Massachusetts and a fixture on the Metro Boston music scene for many years.  


I was deeply saddened when I heard of Jimmy's sudden passing in the Fall of 2015.  We hadn't run into each other nearly as often as in the past and I never even realized that he had been ill, so it was quite a shock when I read the news on Facebook.  I wanted to pay tribute to his memory by putting my own spin on a song that I enjoyed hearing him sing many times. 


"Feelin' Alright" was one of the many songs that Jimmy sang with his own special flair at places like The Cantab Lounge and other clubs around town.

Jimmy was way too young to be leaving us... He was a good man and he was a good friend to me… He is missed by many ... 


Anyway, this is my take on a Dave Mason classic.  It's a Rock- and-Roll anthem that gets airtime at pretty much every bar room jam across the planet. 

I've done my own arrangement of the song here, taking some major liberties with the chord changes and bending a few of the lyrics to fit.  I hope Dave Mason won't mind too much… but as Tommy Chong said so many years ago... "Dave's not here, man…”






===   Song Lyrics - (mostly) By Dave Mason



Oooooh …


 Seems I got to have a  change in scene

 Cause every night I have the  strangest dreams

     Imprisoned by the way things  might have been

 Left here on my own     or      so it seems

 I got to leave before I  start to scream

 But someone locked the door and  took the key


    (You) Feelin'  alright?     I’m not feelin' too  good myself     

    Are You Feelin'  alright?     I’m not feelin' too  good myself,     

            good myself 


 Baby you sure took me for one big ride

 Even now I sit and I wonder why…

     And when I think of you     I    stop myself from crying 

 I just can’t waste my time, I must keep dry.

 Got to stop believin' in  all your lies

 Cause there’s too much to do before I die



   (Guitar SOLO)


   Oooooh …


Don’t ya get too lost     in  all this stuff I'm sayin'

Cause you know at the time…    I really felt this way

     But that was then… and now  it's today

 and I can't get off yet         so I'm  here to stay

 ‘til someone comes along and  takes my place

 With a different name     and  a  different face



   Vamp & 2nd Solo


   Oooooh …

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