How To Make: "Bobby's Magic Dust"

Updated: May 18, 2021

As I have already mentioned in other posts, Emeril Lagassé was a huge influence on me. Without him, I would still be afraid to cook. He would always go "BAM !!" when he added his signature seasoning that he called "Essence". After I was cooking for a while, I realized that I kept reaching for the same seven seasonings over and over while making a wide variety of different dishes.

So I decided that since I always seemed to use the same bunch of seasonings, I would save myself some time by making up a batch of it ahead of time. So I mixed some up in a bowl and filled a large empty spice bottle with my own favorite stuff.

I always keep some around ready to use it just by reaching for one bottle instead of seven. As I've always said... "Laziness is next to Godliness" although that expression just hasn't caught on the way I thought it would.

I use my mixture all the time, but I never needed to give it a name until now. When I decided to start writing this blog, I figured I'd call it "Bobby's Magic Dust". Not nearly as elegant a name as "Essence by Emeril" but then, I never went to cooking school. Although, by a minor twist of fate, I actually graduated from Johnson & Wales College in Providence, RI which is a world renowned culinary school, however, I majored in Computer Science not in the Culinary Arts. I didn't learn how to cook for another 25 years

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So without further adieu... This is how to make Bobby's Magic Dust for yourself.

  • 2 1/2 parts paprika

  • 2 parts chili powder

  • 2 parts garlic powder

  • 1 part onion powder

  • 1 part cayenne pepper

  • 1 part dried oregano

  • 1 part dried thyme

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