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Where the Heck is Bob's Diner anyway... ?

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

My name is Bobby Faria as you might have guessed since this blog is on

This is perhaps one of the least flattering photos of me on my hard drive, but the caption was so appropriate I tossed vanity to the wind... No, I am not suffering from the ill effects of one of my failed recipes! Someone snapped this picture at a gig while I was taking a guitar solo.

So in answer to the question posed in the title, Bob's Diner is actually the kitchen in my house here in the Squantum section of Quincy, Massachusetts. I'm writing this blog under the name Food and Music. The Music part of the name you already know about... and we'll talk about the Food part shortly, but here's a picture of my kitchen to give you a little background.

The sign over the stove top was a Birthday gift from my wife Karen who passed away in 2016.

It was meant as a tribute to my cooking, and it commemorates my transition from Culinary Menace to le Chef de Maison

Since you have probably arrived at this page via my music website, you may know that I'm a guitarist, a saxophone player and a singer. I have been working as a musician around New England since the 1970's, and I like to spend a good deal of my time writing and recording songs.

Since the COVID lock-down killed a lot of music venues, I have been primarily a recording musician more than a performing musician although 2021 wasn't completely devoid of gigs. The music scene is slowly returning but, honestly ... working on my own music in the comfort of my home suits me just fine as I leave my mid-60s behind.

Most recently, I have worked with bands such my own band: The Bobby Faria Band:

Up until the lockdown I worked extensively with Driftwood Classic Rock

and I also Distribute the music that I write and record through this website as well as promoting it on where I post music videos of my songs.

I hope that you enjoy this blog

and you share my recipes as well as my music with your friends and family.


Until the Next Time ... So Long from Bob's Diner

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